Our digital suite covers all aspects of the equipment lifecycle but focuses on the following areas:

Lease Requests & Portfolio Management

  • Centralize lease requests, approvals and audit history
  • Consolidate management and lease documentation into single repository
  • Manage lease portfolio and day-two actions
  • Monitor portfolio proactively using reporting and analytics¬†

Surplus Assets Management

  • Capture Surplus Assets in-bulk via Excel or in-situ via mobile
  • Push assets into Internal Redeployment
  • Queue assets for sale on our global marketplace
  • Manage large-scale disposition activity with 10,000s assets

Global Marketplace

  • Securely disposal of multiple asset classes, including:
    • Scrap Materials
    • Machine Tools and Material Handling
    • Finished Industrial Goods and more
  • Access an audience of over 100,000 buyers

Lease Management Suite

Manage new / existing lease activity through LeaseFlow, our Lease Management Suite:

Create & Manage Lease Requests

Centralize lease requests across your organization, capture approvals from finance managers before passing to Chain AMS to finance your equipment and meet your short/long-term capital expenditure goals.

Portfolio Management

Upload all existing lease documentation to faciliate portfolio reviews, and view your lease landscape from a single point. Enable Chain AMS to optimize your portfolio against your goals and better manage day-two activities.

Analytics & Reporting

View key lease metrics across the hierarchy of your organization, understand upcoming portfolio actions such as Early Buy-Outs, End-of-Terms and other key performance indicatiors to enhance your capital efficiency.

Surplus Asset Management Suite

Unlock residual value using a three-step process to manage all surplus:

1. Identify & Manage

Capture assets in-situ via mobile or load in bulk via Excel into AssetFlow, our asset specification & approvals tool.

2. Redeploy

Redeploy equipment across your organization using a redeployment marketplace customized for your organization.

3. Remarket

Remarket assets through the Link Warehouse, our global marketplace with over 10,000 registered buyers.

Surplus Asset Management

Identify & manage Assets using AssetFlow:

We refined our process through multiple industries and iterations, that process lives in AssetFlow.

AssetFlow is a comprehensive solution that enables the management of surplus assets across your organization, and can be customized to fit the nuances of your organization, either of industry-fit or enhanced compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Create visibility into surplus assets, make decisions on disposition strategy (redeploy or remarket)
  • Maintain complete audit history and store documentation pre/post-disposition
  • Drive accountability and cultural change to drive greater surplus asset utilization or cash generation through remarketing

Key Functionality

  • Load Assets in-situ (via mobile) or in-bulk (excel import)
  • Tag assets to a location for easy tracking and reporting
  • Group assets to enhance disposition management / tracking
  • Set approvals / required information (compliance / regulatory / health and safety)
  • Manage large groups of assets (tens of thousands) and make bulk actions (redeploy, remarket or scrap)
  • Push assets directly into your own redeployment marketplace, or directly to our global marketplace
  • Much more!

Internal Redeployment

Unlock residual value using a three-step process to manage all surplus:

Every organization has different challenges for managing surplus. Assets vary by industry, function and purpose. As such our three step process facilitates internal redeployment and reutilization of existing assets. We enable this through a customizable marketplace accessible to only people within your organization. This helps to centralize the activity for surplus assets in your business in one single place, by doing this you can drive accountability and culture change through the governance and process this tool enables.

Key Functionality

  • Create a single destination for managing surplus assets in your organization
  • Provide colleagues with Policies, Process (i.e. Accounting Treatment) and Key Contacts
  • An internal marketplace providing information on Available Assets, allow users to “Request Transfer”
  • Wanted Asset Ads allow colleagues to understand if you have a need for a specific asset
  • Access to Procurement and Remarketing services from Chain AMS
  • Suite of Reporting tools to share Redeployment successes, and Remarketing projects
  • Much more!

Global Marketplace

Link Warehouse, formerly GE Warehouse launched in 2017 as an auction platform facilitating the compliant disposition of GE’s high-quality idle and surplus assets. What started as a mechanism to ensure the utmost compliance when disposing of surplus assets and materials, has since grown significantly.

With over 10,000 registered and screened buyers (ensuring compliance with Export Control, Anti-Money Laundering and other regulatory drivers), and over $100,000,000 of equipment sold in the last two years, is now a thriving trusted marketplace facilitating compliant disposition for numerous Fortune 500 customers.

Since then, we’ve expanded to include:

  • Disposition of multiple asset classes, including Scrap Materials, Machine Tools, Tooling, Material Handling, Finished Industrial Goods, Aero Engines, Wind Turbines, and more
  • Sold over 100,000 assets across 30 different asset classes
  • Sales across over 20 countries around the globe
  • Returned over $100,000,000 cash to customers
  • Developed through our Global Vendor Network an audience of over 100,000 buyers
  • Capabilities across the globe to support customers across a number of industries

You can learn more about Link Warehouse and our history on the About page.

100,000 Assets

In the last 3 years, we've sold over 100,000 assets across 30 different asset classes.

$100MM Sold

We've returned over $100MM in cash back to our customers in the last 2 years.

20 Countries+

Successfully executed sales in over 20 countries. Worldwide capability and execution enabled by a global network of partners.

Supporting services

Gain control over your surplus assets with prescriptive guidance and the tools to ensure success.

Principles for Technology at Chain

Technology at Chain is developed with the following principles in mind for our customers:
  • Leverage proven processes that span industries
  • Drive accountability through visibility
  • Enable productivity and cost savings through clear process
  • Enable real time reporting and analytics
  • Data Security as a foundation
  • Customers to maintain control and compliance
  • Built in updates and support delivered via SaaS model
  • No building of technology for technology’s sake

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