Tom Puddifoot

Chief Digital Officer


Tom Puddifoot is the Chief Digital Officer for Chain AMS.

Before taking on the role of Chief Digital Officer for Chain AMS, Tom served as Technology Leader for GE Asset Management Solutions, GE’s internal centre of excellence for equipment remarketing and leasing and led its successful separation and digital transformation into Chain AMS.

His experience includes:
• Technology Leader, Asset Management Solutions
• CTO, Commercial Growth
• Corporate Audit Staff (Executive Leadership Program)
• Security Architect
• Digital Technology Leadership Program

Prior to this Tom had a number of leadership roles at General Electric (GE), leading Commercial Growth Technology efforts across the company, serving customers across Aviation, Healthcare, Energy / Power, Renewable and Transportation verticals.

Tom was a member of GE’s executive leadership program, Corporate Audit Staff and prior to this a member of GE’s Digital Technology Leadership Program and spent time across the majority of GE businesses providing IT Risk & Assurance and support across Commercial, Finance and Supply Chain functions.

Tom has a Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Networks and Security from Staffordshire University. Additionally, Tom has presented at industry events including InfoSec and Gartner.

When not working, Tom has a passion for cars and motorsport whilst also following several sports including rugby and international soccer. Tom is also an avid traveller for both work and pleasure having visited 19 countries and 36 states in the last 3 years!

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